How to know if a website is good

Here are the things to know if your wondering if a website is good or not. First you want to see if the website has a lot of commercials, if so the the website is most likely not wanting to put a lot of time in their web and just make money from the ads. Secondly if the information your reading from is biased based then get off of their immediately. It wont give you correct inf because the other person is just trying to get you to like what their like. Make sure the website is int very old as well, check the dates of the info.Also avoid anonymous authors to the information.This could get you to get false information and it most likely will have a biases out look on it.Make sure the website dose not say that its not secure, what this means is When you receive the website not secure notification on your site, what this means is that part of the content being loaded is coming over without encryption. When the communication between your computer and your browser is in the open, the transmitted data can be viewed or tampered with.

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