CV Football Player Performances VS. Warwick

Conestoga Valley Football Team wraps up their home game against Warwick on Friday, September 15. Photo Credit: Luke Needham

By Luke Needham ‘24

The CVHS Varsity Football Team grew their record to two wins to three on Friday, September 15th, 2023. The team played in their home stadium for the second time this year. 

Coaches, fans, and contestants are all hoping for a postseason run this year, for the first time in a while. Individual performances throughout the team helped them score 19 points, while holding Warwick to just 7. 

When asked how players performed in the game, Coach Rick Periandi immediately recognised, “Our line on both sides of the ball.” 

The offensive line performed very well by limiting Warwick to just 2 sacks and 5 tackles for a loss. The defensive line performed just as well, with 5 sacks and 9 hurries from Shymier Hernandez (12), Justin Corson (11), Tal Stoltzfus (11), and Jackson Byers (11). 

When asked how he has been working to help players improve, Periandi said that “players went back in the game and made adjustments.” After talking to players that there were a few things to work on, they didn’t wait until the next week to make it happen.

After coming off a loss in the previous game, they needed to “work on turning the ball over,” notes running back Teagan Ruble (10). There is a lot that goes into improving this, but they managed to cut their turnovers down by 3 from the previous week. 

Additionally, senior quarterback Liam Cheek went six for twelve, passing for 140 yards. He also threw 1 touchdown pass and 0 interceptions. 

Ruble also added that it was his “best game of the year,” when asked how he felt he performed. Ruble had three receptions for 85 yards and one touchdown. 

When senior student section leader Deyyshowtime (Dennis Evans), was asked if any player stood out to him at the game, he replied, “They have all been playing really well.” He went on to highlight Jayden Johnson’s 209 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. 

“Whiteout for hunger” was the theme of this game. This takes place every year, and all fans were encouraged to wear white and bring canned goods for discounted admission. 

This event brings in a lot of donations every year, and all proceeds go to the CVCCS food bank.

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