Crowd Reactions at CV Football Home Game Vs. Warwick

CVHS football players run to tackle a Warwick player attempting to score during the home game. Photo credit: @CVHSbuckskins

By Cristian Nabor ‘25

On Friday, September 15th, at 7 pm, CVHS’s football team had their second home game against Warwick. Crowds, teams, and players were all yelling and shouting for their favorite players and teams to win. 

The chant “Go Jayden” echoed throughout the student section due to Jayden Johnson’s (11) recent game performances. Jayden has had more than 2 touchdowns every game this season. 

Many CV spectators wore all white to support the CVHS team, while the opposing fans wore black.

Football coach Rick Periandi stated, “Our crowds are fantastic and the best in all of the Lancaster-Lebanon-Berks League. They bring a ton of energy to the game, stick with us through the thick and the thin, travel to many of our away games, and make it a tough environment for the opposing team. We have appreciated their support throughout this season thus far.”

The crowd didn’t make much noise throughout the first quarter, but their faces and expressions showed attentiveness to the game. The players were all very energetic and shouting at each other to throw the ball and block the opposing team. 

At the start of the second quarter, the time was 7:30 pm, and the crowd began to be more on edge due to the lack of touchdowns. 

Right after half-time, CV’s crowd energy suddenly increased when Jayden Johnson scored the first touchdown of the game.

The volume dropped toward the end of the game because people had been injured throughout the game, however Jayden Johnson scored another touchdown that stunned everyone. After a few seconds, the crowd jumped with excitement, screamed, and shouted. 

This caused the marching band to play their pieces with much emotion and expression. Student Emma Guo (11) said, “It was breathtaking due to their instruments being so powerful and in sync and beautifully layered.” She added, “I loved the game because everyone was involved in the cheers, and it made everything better.”

Rick Periandi had many more positive things to say about the fans, including, “I have been impressed with our home crowds this season. It makes for a great atmosphere for all involved including the cheerleaders and our band. The student section seemed packed; we are appreciative to all that took the time to come to CV to see us play!”

English teacher Colette Borden said, “Our crowd was definitely stronger and that’s the way it should be at a home game. Our team dominated the whole game, so it was great!!”  

Considering the student and staff feedback, the CV football team did exceptionally well, and their performance indicates that they will continue to improve and make the crowds even more immense if they continue playing at this high level.

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  1. Jayden is a beast when it comes to football
    This story is very informative on what it would feel like to be there I like it.

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