CVMS Girls Volleyball Team Makes History at Wilson Tournament

8th grader Maya Galbraith gets ready to receive a serve, while Alexis Newswanger (8) on the right, Ava Wilson (8) behind her, and Marissa Rambler (8) in the middle get ready to transition. Photo credit: Emma Judy (8) and Gianna Pagan (8)

By Karaleigh Harris ‘25

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, the CVMS volleyball team made it to the playoffs for the first time at the Wilson’s Middle School Varsity tournament. They fought through to a one-set quarter final game, where they lost 25-16 to St. Eleonor K-8.

“It was a really well-fought game with tough serves on both sides,” Coach Sue of the St. Eleonor’s varsity team said.

The days leading up to the tournament held many challenges for the team. The girls lost 25-21 and 25-22 to Solanco 2 days before the tournament. CVMS then had to win at least 1 set against Solanco in pull play at Wilson to qualify for playoffs, which they did.

In addition, this tournament was the very first one for most of the players on the team. A lot of the girls were not used to the pressure that tournaments put on players, but they still were able to qualify for quarter finals. 

The girls also had to learn a lineup the day before playing at Wilson. Seventh grader Lainey Driendl moved up to being a floater for the varsity team. Their typical right side, number 13 Riley Hough (8), in the new lineup played as a setter for the tournament. 

“I liked playing in the tournament. I think we played very well and we talked well,” Riley said. Talking has been a problem for the team, so this tournament showed much improvement.

“I always enjoyed the Wilson tournament because it gave CV an opportunity to play schools outside of Lancaster and is usually harder competition. I think the girls will do great if they communicate with each other, stay positive and eat to recharge,” said Mrs. Bahn, forensics teacher and former head coach. She added, “All day tournaments are exhausting!” 

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  1. This story about the volleyball girls team was very informative and I really liked it due to it having a lot of information about the players and who they went against!

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