Halloween 2020 at CVHS

By Joys William ’23

Even during these unusual times, CVHS decided to continue their Halloween traditions.

“We kinda go all out for Halloween, so we really want to encourage everybody to come dressed up for Halloween; it’s really a fun time,” Jesse Shenk, advisor of Student Council, the club that promotes the festivities, commented. “And, it is one of the few things we are able to do this year, so let’s do it! Teachers dress up, students dress up, and we all have fun!”

Students and teachers alike dressed in attire ranging from favorite foods to classic video game characters to Steampunk costumes.

Jenna Yingling as 90’s, Ellie Livingston as 70’s, Bella Silvaggio as 60’s, Amanda Yingling as 80’s, and Aaliyah Ufret as 2000’s, all students from the graduating class of 2021, dressed up as different decades.
Right to Left: Ryan Slezak ’24, Joey Castronova ’24, Lizzie Talley ’24, Paige Harris ’23, Morgan Martin ’24, Isabella Torres ’24, and math teacher Amber Heinly, pose to show off their Halloween creativity. Photo Credit: Joys William ’23
9th grader Josh Uzoije is ready for lunch. Photo Credit: Samuel Milheim ’24
Brian Schlee, gifted ed. teacher, practicing his mock trial, Ruth Bader Ginsburg look. Photo Credit: Lexie Kauffman ’22
Dominick Finerty, class of 2023, shows his Halloween spirit. Photo Credit: Abigail Freeh ’24
Halie Rich ‘22 and Brittney Johns ‘22 show their Halloween spirit with their vine-inspired pairs costume. Photo Credit: Abigail Freeh ’24
Seniors Chelsea Manderewicz and Ethan Logue hanging out before class.

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