My Favorite Food As A Person Who Ignores Their Lactose Intolerance-ness

Emilia Spina ’22

One of the most popular spots to stop in for food for CV’s high school students and staff is Sheetz. Located a mere 0.3 miles (6 minutes, or less, depending on your hunger levels) from the school, the gas station and convenience store feature custom-made food and beverages. Having a Sheetz this close to the school presents a grave danger to my wallet- and my stomach. If you haven’t yet ordered from the made-to-order menu, consider checking out the mozzarella sticks. For as little as $3.29 you can get around 6 sticks (although I frequently eat them too fast to count). For 59 cents a stick, this is a fantastic deal. There are two components of each stick that makes it as delectable as they are: the cheese and crunchy exterior.

The texture of the cheese is the perfect balance between stringy and creamy, all the while not overpowering the delicate crunch of the golden-brown bread surrounding it. Little flakes of spice are even embedded in the crust- my favorite part. Alongside the sticks come the dozen variations of sauces. As you order the appetizer, an option to add your choice of dipping sauces shows on the screen. Besides the traditional marinara sauce, there’s nacho cheese, as well as a BBQ sauce with Dr. Pepper -a personal favorite.

No matter the kind of day I’ve had, the warm aroma of Sheetz’s Mozzarella Sticks never fails to cheer me up. The emotional value goes above and beyond any calorie downside. If you like cheese, no matter if your stomach doesn’t (I can personally relate and can attest that it is indeed worth the pain!) be sure to check out this food.

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