The Sound of Music is Coming to CV

By Lily Aldrich ‘25

If you asked if someone heard of The Sound of Music, they likely would say they have. Released in 1965, this movie was later reworked into a musical. These productions proved to be an instant favorite, for children and adults alike. Now, the CV Drama Department is choosing to perform The Sound of Music for their spring musical.

The cast list was released on December 22, 2021. Among this list were Paige Harris ‘23, who was cast as Maria, the loving and song filled governess, William Roland 22’ cast as Captain Von Trapp, the strict sea captain who runs his house just like he ran his ship, Jenna Rychener ‘22 in the role of Liesl, the 16 year old daughter of Captain Von Trapp and very naive girl who thinks she has found love, and Conner Nafziger ‘23 as Rolf, the soon to be Nazi that is a love interest to Liesel. These are, however, only a few examples of the many roles being played in this musical.

The musical tells the story of Maria Rainer. She wanted to be a nun but always found herself in trouble at the convent. Despite it being against the rules, Rainer was always singing. Consequently, Mother Abbess decided that Maria was going to leave and be a governess for Captain Von Trapp’s seven children. Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl are the names of his children, and they are quite a handful. Together they have gone through many governesses. The Captain runs his house as if he was still in the army, making the children march every day. Maria hopes to help the children and their father with music. Eventually, Maria teaches them how to sing. When the Captain first finds out, he is mad. However, he soon softens when he realizes that music is what he was missing in his life. With this, the Captain decides to become a better parent to the children. Shortly thereafter, the Captain realized that Maria is what he needs in his life to be a good parent. She helped him learn more about his children and love them effortlessly. It is then that the Captain gets called to fight for the Germans in the war. Disagreeing with the Nazis and their ideals, he decides to run away with his newly founded family. 

There is much to enjoy about the story of Maria and soon CV will be performing the musical. It is going to be an exciting performance full of dramatics, love, and music. The performance is going to be March 31st 7-9:30 pm, April 1st 7-9:30 pm, April 2nd 7-9:30 pm, and April 3rd 2-4 pm. Come support the CV drama department and see a fascinating musical unfold before your eyes. 

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