Period Pal Project Begins the Fight Against Feminine Discrimination at C.V

Taylor N. Dobler ’23

Starting on January 24th, 2022, the Period Pal Project had commenced session at Conestoga Valley High School. Implemented and supported by CV’s Women Liberation Alliance (WLA), the project aims to help destigmatize menstruation and help young women through the process.

WLA is a group of people who come together to aid females and give empowerment to girls in Conestoga Valley by creating physical change within the walls of the school.

Their latest project, Period Pal, has been adopted from a small team of individuals who aimed to help the female student body in Boulder Valley School District in Colorado.

Aimed at tackling a silent issue that women have been facing for years, the Period Pal Project puts free, no-questions-asked menstrual hygiene products in female bathrooms for individuals to take at their discretion.  

Before this, women were facing a dilemma: either fork up money to pay for the period products or do without. This meant some female students went without access to these crucial products, as some could not afford or refused to pay for items that they only needed for reasons they couldn’t control.

No longer is this the case, however. The Period Pal Project now spans nation-wide, including Conestoga Valley.

Jayden Stokes, from the class of 2022 and member of WLA, explained, “We met as a group and wanted to start a big project that would benefit the school and make it feel more inclusive.”

This project is meant to give back to the C.V community, as well as give recognition to a major issue that women have been silently facing for some time now.  

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