Local Doctor Resigns from Multiple Positions After Being Charged with Indecent Assault

By Lexie Kauffman ’22

William R. Vollmar, a fifty-five-year-old doctor who was employed in multiple school districts in Lancaster and Dauphin County, Vollmar quickly lost both of those positions when he was charged with indecent assault on Wednesday. While working at a clinic in Quarryville, Vollmar was charged after touching a male patient inappropriately during the examination of the patient’s ankle. The appointment was scheduled after the clinic had already closed, causing more questions to arise about the situation.

Once Vollmar’s criminal charge came to light, he quickly resigned from his jobs in multiple school districts. He was employed at Middletown Area School District for six years. He also retired from his private practices. Vollmar’s preliminary hearing is set for May 15, 2019.

This case hits home here at Conestoga Valley because Vollmar was previously employed in the school district. Superintendent Dr. Dave Zuilkoski released a statement explaining that, “following the recent reports of charges being filed against Dr. William Vollmar, and which is subsequent resignation from the position of CVSD School Physician, CVSD will engage a contract with another medical provider to be formally approved at the Board Meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019.” Other details can be accessed on the district website.

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