Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Set to Return in May

By Lexie Kauffman ’22

While Marvel fans await Avengers Endgame, they rejoice at the news and anticipation that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is coming back for a sixth season consisting of thirteen episodes.

The show premiered in 2013, bringing a Marvel favorite, Agent Phil Coulson, back to life for his own show.

In May of 2018, fans watched as season five concluded. The SHIELD team faced a threat loosely related to the Avengers. The season ended with many questions unanswered and the death of Coulson and fellow agent Leo Fitz. Unfortunately, fans must wait until May 2019 to find out the truth because Marvel has to avoid spoiling their movie franchises.

Even though most information in the MCU is confidential, the released trailers create a lot of possibilities for the sixth season of Agents of SHIELD. To start off, fans were shocked to see the familiar faces of Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz in the trailers because they both met their end with season five.

What this means for the characters is still unknown, but it is presumed that Coulson is truly dead and the actor, Clark Gregg, portrays a new character in the show. However, Leo Fitz appears to be alive and well, leaving fans wondering how we watched Fitz die in the previous season. These two characters are the biggest questions for fans as they await May tenth.

While fans worry about Coulson and Fitz, some good news is hidden in the trailers. Deke, the loveable new character from season five, has been promoted to a series regular. In addition to Deke joining, Mack, the mechanic turned director, is shown leading the team, informing fans that he embraces his promotion and does not let SHIELD die.

As fans worry about what is to come, they can be comforted that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is renewed for a seventh season, also containing thirteen episodes. These twenty-six episodes may paint the end for Agents of SHIELD, but with the time that the writers have to plan, fans can assume that the grand finale will be monumental. However, for now fans can focus on May 10th, the return date of Agents of SHIELD season 6 on ABC.

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