Rick Riordan: The Author of Modern Mythology

By Michaiah Johnson ’23   

Who would have thought of modernizing Greek mythology with the story of 12-year-old son of Poseidon? Rick Riordan, of course!

Rick Riordan took the children and middle grade book market by storm when he started his first children’s series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians*, a series based on Greek mythology. While Percy’s story is certainly the most popular, Riordan has told the stories of several other characters, based off several other mythologies! Read on to learn more about Riordan’s mythological series.

  1.  Heroes of Olympus

The Heroes of Olympus series takes place after Percy Jackson and the Olympians and adds new characters, a new plot, and not to mention Roman mythology! The first book in the series follows Jason, who has no memory of his past, Piper, whose father is missing and who’s boyfriend, Jason, doesn’t remember her, and Leo, who’s bewildered by the fact that they are all, apparently, related to a god.

There are five books in the series, all full of Riordan’s signature humor and sarcasm, and plenty of action and adventure.

  1.  Kane Chronicles**

Riordan’s trilogy, Kane Chronicles, brings us into the world of Egyptian mythology! Two siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane, who haven’t spoken much since their mother died. With Sadie in London and Carter traveling the world with their Egyptoloigist father, Dr. Kane, the last thing they expected was for their father to accidentally unleash the horrible Egyptian god Set! Set banishes the Kanes’ father and forces them to flee and go on a dangerous quest.

  1.  Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase has lived alone on the streets of Boston for two years, ever since his mom died and told him to run. But when his strange Uncle Randolph tracks Magnus down and starts telling him about his birthright and Norse mythology. Magnus tries to avoid his uncle, and his nonsense, but ends up dying a hero and being plunged into the world he has tried so hard to stay out of. There are three books in this fantastic book series.

  1.  The Trials of Apollo

The Trials of Apollo just released its fifth and final book. When the Greek god Apollo angers Zeus and his cast down into the form of an ordinary, powerless, teenage boy. As Apollo tries to gain Zeus’s forgiveness, and not be destroyed by his enemies, he heads to the one place he knows can help him: Camp Half-Blood.

Other Mythology Based Books:

  1.  Loki’s Wolves by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr (Norse Mythology)
  2.  Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi (West African Mythology)
  3.  Avalon High by Meg Cabot (Celtic Mythology)

*Check out “The Lightning Thief Strikes Broadway Fans with Musical Interpretation”article and “Percy Jackson to be Adapted into a Disney+ TV Show”article on The Valley Voice.

**Check out “Kane Chronicles Adaption in the Works at Netflix” article on The Valley Voice.

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