Medals on the Horizon

By Owen Patten ‘24

After five long years, the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo from July 23rd-August 8th  2021, rescheduled from last summer. Many athletes have waited five long years to try for a medal again, as the last summer Olympics were held in Rio in 2016, and Covid-19 postponed the 2020 summer games. According to the Olympic website,, the games are going to take place despite the Covid-19 pandemic. While the games will go on, international spectators will not be able to attend. According to the website, those that already purchased tickets will receive refunds.

While there will not be any home fans for the United States Olympic team in Japan this summer, there will be plenty of support for them through the airwaves. This summer there are 49 different summer Olympic sports to watch on TV and online, which range from basketball to trampoline.

The United States has a strong field of athletes attending the games. Simone Biles and her combined 30 Olympic and World Championship medals will be representing the US in gymnastics. She will bring her unprecedented talent and try and bring home another medal for the U.S. Brady Ellison will seek out a medal for the United States in archery, which would be the first Olympic gold in archery since 1996. In the exciting event of skateboarding, Nyjah Huston will be representing the USA. He will bring three world championships with him in his Olympic debut. Returning Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky will also be representing the US in the 1500m freestyle event and many other swimming events.

The Olympic torch is already on its way to Tokyo on its 121-day journey. On the website there is a tab to follow the torch relay. They list the itinerary and the expected route in the upcoming days.

While Covid-19 delayed the start of the Olympic games for a year, it certainly did not put out the Olympic spirit we see every time they are held. The world will be watching the 2020 Olympic games in the summer of 2021 with eagerness and hopefulness like never before.

Good luck to Team U.S.A.!

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  1. Great article! It’s very exciting that these athletes will get to have the opportunity they missed out on last year.

  2. i was wondering when they would take place because i wanted to watch team USA’s gymnastics. Thanks : )

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