A Commentary on Changing Beliefs

By Krishna Pandya ’21

Everyone deserves happiness in this world, so we need to surround ourselves with positive minds. Growing up in Ahmedabad, India, I have witnessed many families following this old belief where people think that having a daughter is a burden on their family. Indian parents fearing that they would fail to find a suitable groom for their daughters, along with the communal pressure to pay huge sums of dowry, adds to the feeling of the girl child being a ‘burden’. 

They think that the girl child will now require years and years of nurturing and would cost them a lot of money, while on the other hand, they think that the “son” is the key to everything. He is going to be the one to expand their family and he is going to be the one who makes everyone proud. Men have always been provided with an innumerable amount of privileges compared to women. 

I have always wanted to change the patriarchal notion and would like them to focus on the merriment that a girl child brings to their family and start appreciating and acknowledging the blissfulness of having a daughter. I feel like there should be no inequality between a boy and a girl child. 

People tend to overlook the little aspects which tend to have the potential to change the present dreadful beliefs. Therefore, if we just pay attention and start raising our voices then we will embark upon a journey. We will make everyone wake up in a world full of awareness and equal respect. 

2 thoughts on “A Commentary on Changing Beliefs

  1. Hello Krishna, it must be very frustrating to have such an old belief be part of your story. The culture we are born into is not a choice, but how we choose to live your lives is! I see you and see your efforts — know that you are the “key” to your own success and I appreciate you 🙂

  2. I also believe that rights should be equal between a boy and a girl. It’s interesting to see the differences in cultures. I know that in some cultures they appreciate the son more than the girl, but they treat the girl better. Usually, they are very hard on the son and expect the most from them. However, with the girls, they spoil them snd give them whatever they want or need. They are just stricter and more protective of the daughters.

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