CV High School Celebrates Homecoming with Spirit Week

The Conestoga Valley cheerleading squad performs a lift during the homecoming football game against Manheim Central on Friday night October 15. Photo Credit: Ken Scheper

By Lily Aldrich ’25

Starting Tuesday, October 12th and ending Friday, October 15th, Conestoga Valley High School’s Student Council hosted a spirit week. The goal of spirit week was to bring the students and staff together while also getting people excited about Homecoming.

John Myers, one of CV’s teachers, explained the main importance of spirit week, stating, “It’s community building.”

For each day of the week, excluding Monday due to students not being in school, student council planned theme for all to participate in. Tuesday was “Sleeping Beauty” day, allowing students and staff to dress in the utmost comfort. Wednesday was “To Grandmother’s House We Go” day, where students brought anything except a backpack to carry their items around in. There were many creative non-backpacks that people brought in such as a full-sized grill, traffic cones, coolers, toaster ovens, and crates.

On Thursday, each class was assigned a color corresponding to a Disney princess. Freshmen wore Belle yellow, Sophomores Tiana green, Juniors Jasmine blue, and Seniors Rapunzel pink and purple. To end spirit week, Friday was “Defend the Kingdom” day where everyone showed their CV spirit by wearing school colors and looking good in the stands of the annual Homecoming Pep Rally.

The spirit week for Conestoga Valley was a huge success! The week was exciting and enjoyable for all to watch and participate in. People came together, and all the fun days brought students and teachers happiness and CV spirit.    

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