E-Cigarette Companies Announce New All-Natural Vapes

Credit: kai4107/Shutterstock

By Ethan Miller ’23

In the past few years, many studies have been produced that clearly show the dangers of vaping, especially among teenagers. This week, companies like Juul, one of the largest vape producers in the world, announced an all-new product that should help teenagers stop vaping without going cold turkey.

“We’re pleased to reveal our all natural vape this week. It comes in one flavor, tobacco, and we think it’ll be a boon for those who are addicted to our regular vaping products,” said the Head of Product Design for Juul, Edward Martins. 

When vaping, users are subject to inhalation of toxic metals, such as lead, into their lungs, causing health problems in the future. With the new all natural vapes, there is no such threat for these dangers.

“They’re 100% natural, and have no metal in them at all,” said Martins. “Made of one rolled tobacco leaf, the user simply lights the end with a match or lighter and inhales the smoke and gets their nicotine fix.”

Critics have praised Juul for their ingenious solution to this problem, and users of vapes are lauding the move as well.

“It’s cool looking and tastes great. Plus, maybe now I can finally quit!,” local high schooler Amy Jones remarked, “It’s super retro and I feel cool smoking one with my friends.”

Martins and his team are still working on a name for their exciting product.

“I want it to be cool sounding, iconic. Maybe something like ‘Cigar’?”

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