Halloween Hits the Hallways of CV Highschool

By Maya Harner ’24

This past Friday, October 29, 2021, groves of students dressed head to toe in Halloween spirit shuffled into school. Their costumes ranged from food, cartoon characters, and car washes to actors, historical figures, and niche outfits only understood by their friends. Take a look at our gallery of the best costumes!

‘Workin At The Car Wash’ as they call it, the Communications department teachers decorated their hallway and coordinated costumes to bring a bubbly theme to Halloween. They also won 1st place in the staff costume competition.
Keyshla Baez as Russell from the movie Up won 1st place in the single costume category.
Joseph Benedict and Kyle McGallicher, dressed as a pair of Catholic priests, tied for first place in the pair costume category.
Avery Tran and Caroline Kulp as Zenitsu and Nezuko from Demon Slayer, also tied for 1st.
Simply titled: “Dwight,” this team earned 1st place in the group costume category.
Art teacher John Myers as the Mandalorian.
The Wizard of Oz! From left to right we have 10th graders Camila Marques, Alison Harner, Heather Gauert, Lexi Slezak, Leah Hilton, and Maya Harner.
Marisa Heisey & Abigail Phillips (11th grade) dressed as cups of noodles. In their costumes they even included chopped up veggie bits on top of the noodles to add a more realistic touch.
Sadie Haldeman (9th grade) dressed as a bottle of Ranch dressing.
Sophia Calderone (9th grade) dressed as a vending machine filled with delicious candy!

Jeremiah Bates ‘24, Vu Pham ‘24, Elizabeth Talley ‘24, and Dana Brieck ‘24 participated in Sleeping Beauty Day on Tuesday, October 12. They did a group costume as the characters from the children’s show Winnie the Pooh!
Jayden Stokes dressed as iconic T-Bo from iCarly.
The FBI catches the Unabomber. Form left to right: Mickey Vergenes, Adam Zook, Ryan Schaller.
A group dressed as the 3 blind mice.

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