Tangled: The Real Disney Magic.

By Taylor McComsey ‘24

Disney’s 2010 movie, Tangled, directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, will brighten your house with not only light colors, but with smiles that will not stop showing. The movie gives a sense of security other movies don’t, by showing development, giving comfort, and not being overly sappy like Cinderella or The little Mermaid. Though the thing it does the best is show how much the characters relate to us.

 This family friendly movie is shown through the outside perspective of character, Flynn Rider, who has the biggest character development throughout the whole movie. From a thief for a nonrealistic daydream, to a loving selfless man, who would genuinely give his life for the woman he loves. This character shows that people can change if they really wanted to. 

Rapunzel on the other hand, is this lighthearted girl, who wants to follow her dream. Though she didn’t know how she was going to do it, it never stopped her from keeping herself happy. She never gave up though I think that is something that Disney was trying to show us. Disney wants to show us that though something maybe not possible now, doesn’t mean it won’t ever be possible.

Let’s not forget the villain of the story. The movie did a nice job portraying Mother Gothel in a way Disney never had done before. In previous movies, the villains had used people, stole from them, and even put spells on them. Though this movie, Mother Gothel, is a gaslighter and kidnapper, who would do anything to “protect” Rapunzel from finding out the truth. In some ways she is one of the most relatable villains. 

Disney not only did a good job at portraying the characters to be relatable, the did a nice job at choosing the actors. Mandy Moore helped portray how much light Rapunzel had. Her light was shown not only through the color pallet of choice they used for the movie, but through her voice. Zachary Levi also did not disappoint the readers. His voice went smoothly with the way Flynn portrayed himself in the film.

All in all Tangled was a great movie. Watching animated characters who we can some what relate to, gives some people comfort. Though I feel as though that Disney should make a live version one. Not like the movie, Into the woods, where it was a mix of fairy tales. A live version of just tangled is something I feel as though might just break the Disney world. 

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