Clothing brand at CVHS Gains Popularity

Pictures of the hoodie that “Lost Heart Apparel” sells.
Photo Credit: Mohammed Mohammed

By Jose Torres ‘25

A clothing brand known as “Lost Heart Apparel” is slowly gaining popularity throughout Conestoga Valley High School. The brand was created by 2 students, Junior Mohammed Mohammed and Senior Andy Ponce, who both attend CVHS. 

The brand has been around for almost 3 years now. It currently offers hoodies, and is in production of beanies, sweatpants and shirts.

The design of the hoodie shows Arabic lettering with multiple spiders around the letters. On the back, it shows a large spider web with a star in the middle, as well as a spider logo on the back of the hood. According to Mohammed, the Arabic letters mean, ”money on my mind,” and the spiders are there to aid in attractiveness.

Many students of CVHS think the design is interesting and unique. “I actually really like it,” said Junior Arsema Hailu. “It’s tuff, something I’ve never seen before,” added Senior Chad Jones.

“To be honest, I was just designing and seeing what I like the best. Also what matched the name,” said Mohammed when asked about the inspiration behind the design.

As for the manufacturing process, he explained, “All I really do is send the design of the hoodie to my manufacturer and he does the rest.” 

Mohammed noted that students should watch out for new releases because “we are also in production of beanies and sweatpants.” Be sure to look for more from this unique brand in the future.

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