Women Deserve Better Information on Abortion

Infographic created by Olivia Hernandez

By Olivia Hernandez ’26

“When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society. So when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged. Every woman deserves better, and every child deserves a chance at life.” -Mattie Brinkerhoff

Abortion is a procedure that has fallen out of the spotlight and into everyday life. Women are not being properly educated on what the procedure truly entails, and that needs to change. Abortion is dangerous and can even be deadly to a mother and her child. It is only fair for women to be in the know about their bodies. Considering the lack of knowledge from female students in 10th-12th grade, loose and dismissive abortion patients, and the long list of complications regarding the procedure, it is only decent to assume that women haven’t a clue what they are doing to themselves and their babies.

After conducting a personal survey, it showed that female students at Conestoga Valley High School, grades 10th-12th, reach about a 5 on the 1-10 scale regarding their overall knowledge of abortion. Exceeding the mediator, 6 out of 10 students selected 5 to show their overall knowledge of the procedure. The six students each had a partner, meaning two of the students were in 10th, two were in 11th, and two were in 12th. The rest of the responses were below 5, save one person. Considering that abortion is a controversial topic among people as young as high school students, it is rather surprising that there is not much knowledge being spread. It is likely for a high school student to give their strong opinion on abortion when asked, yet the facts present to back up these opinions are little to non-existent.

Even actual abortion patients tend to be loose and dismissive of how seriously they should take the procedure. According to Guttmacher’s National, out of 3% of abortions administered in the United States, only 1% are done safely by a licensed professional. There are reminders in pharmacies, suggestions on social media pages, and even word of mouth from physicians that medication-induced abortions are the most dangerous way to go about the procedure. It is highly recommended that abortions are done safely in a clean, supervised facility, yet over 50% of abortions in the United States are done by a mother herself, through medication. The warnings and advice are as clear as day, yet women across the nation decide that they should take a risk that not only kills their baby but could potentially harm themselves as well. 

Complications and even death rates surrounding abortion are way too high for the procedure to be considered safe for a woman to have done. According to the CDC, every year since 1990, 2-12 women have died from abortions that were done professionally in a facility. This is 2-12 too many considering it is “safest” for a woman to get an abortion by a licensed professional rather than administering it herself at home. 2% of all abortions in the United States involve complications such as pain, bleeding, and infection. If the harm caused to the baby does not turn heads, the harm caused to the mother at least should. When looking at the deaths of women throughout the years who have fallen victim to a faulty abortion, the number should be doubled to account for the babies whose lives have ended before they truly had a chance to even begin.

It is a common argument for people to say that abortion is a necessary choice available for women who honestly cannot manage to fit a baby into their lives. It is only fair to acknowledge the fear and confusion that some mothers must feel when they are pregnant with a baby that was not planned or wanted. With that being said, it is unfair for a mother to be able to make the executive decision to end the life of her baby. It is safe to assume that many soon-to-be mothers would cross abortion off their list of solutions if they did their research and knew what the procedure truly entailed.

The lack of knowledge from female students in 10th-12th grade, the looseness and dismissiveness of abortion patients, and the long list of complications regarding the procedure are only a few of the many proofs that women aren’t nearly educated enough on the topic. Even everyday people who possess some knowledge of abortion must share what they know to potentially help or even save a life. Many places across the nation dedicate their lines of work to helping expecting mothers. There are people to turn to and helping hands to reach for. It is only through the true, raw facts and statistics behind this procedure that we can see how women deserve better than abortion.


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