“In the Heights” Movie Pushed Back due to Covid-19; “Hamilton” Taking its Spot as the Summer Musical

By Lexie Kauffman ’22

The Tony-award winning musical, “Hamilton,” hit the Broadway stage in 2015. The musical tells the life story of founding father, Alexander Hamilton. In early 2020, creator, Lin Manuel Miranda, announced that the pro-shot, a professional recording of the original Broadway cast, including Conestoga Valley’s own Jonathan Groff, would be released in theaters on October 15, 2021.

Jonathan Groff, as King George III, in “Hamilton,” the filmed version of the original Broadway play streaming on Disney Plus.

However, like many aspects of life, Hollywood was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. One of Miranda’s other projects, a movie adaptation of his other award-winning musical, “In the Heights,” will not be released until June 18, 2021 rather than its original release date of June 26, 2020. To compensate for the longer wait, Miranda pushed for an earlier release of Hamilton.

“I couldn’t leave you one summer without at least one musical,” Miranda commented during an interview on Good Morning America. “I was very grateful that we were able to move up Hamilton.”

On July 3, 2020, the beloved musical was released on Disney Plus, sweeping the globe with a renewed love of all things Hamilton. Living rooms across the country became the “room where it happened.” The “Hamilfilm” is two hours and forty minutes long and available for streaming on Disney Plus.

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