Birds of a Feather

By Owen Patten ‘24

What type of bird do you prefer? An Eagle? A Raven? Both birds battled it out in the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens NFL game on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Going into the game, most people thought the Ravens would devour the Eagles in an easy four quarters. The Ravens came out of the gate with 17 points in the first half, but the Eagles did not give Jackson and the Ravens an easy win.

The Philadelphia Eagles came back to make it a close battle. While it was a tough game for both sides of the ball, the Eagles, somehow, managed to pull within two points at the end of the fourth quarter.

A late burst of the Eagles offense in the second half accounted for all of their total 28 points. Baltimore had 14 penalties which kept the Eagle’s hopes alive. The Ravens defense held strong and Wentz took multiple sacks throughout the game.

Coming to the end of the fourth quarter, it was any bird’s game. In the end, Baltimore held the Eagles’ final two-point conversion that would have pushed the game into overtime. The Baltimore Ravens swooped the Philadelphia Eagles with a final score of 30-28.

No matter which bird is your favorite, the game was entertaining until the end.

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