Spotify Daylist: A New Way to Listen

Photo Credit: Claire Shenk, designed on Canva

By Claire Shenk ‘25

Spotify, the most used music app, has done it again.  As an avid music listener, I was very excited when they came out with a new update – Spotify Daylist.

Spotify has been the top music app since 2008. As I am sure many of you know, Spotify allows access to a wide variety of music and you don’t have to pay extra to access it. Many enjoy creating playlists with their favorite music, but is there really a perfect playlist for every mood?

Instead of shuffling through playlists to find songs that fit your mood, Spotify Daylist has done it for you by creating a playlist which changes throughout the day. They do this by personalizing your playlist to the type of music you listen to at different times of the day. They go as far as giving the playlist a niche (sometimes funny) description to give you an idea of what type of music the playlist includes.

This new Spotify playlist not only changes throughout the day, but it introduces you to new artists you may not have heard of. Along with some of the more popular artists, other underground artists are mixed in to make your listening experience more versatile. 

I spoke with some of my friends and many found that their daylist sometimes plays old songs they haven’t listened to in years, messing up the whole theme of the playlist. I myself have experienced this, but the more I listen to the playlist the better they tailor the songs to my taste. 

Overall I really enjoy Spotify daylist and it opens up a new way of listening. Finding music that perfectly fits your mood can be a hard task, but this new ever-changing playlist makes it easy. Simply search “daylist” in the Spotify app to listen to your personalized playlist.

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