2023-24 Rec Basketball Season Preview

A worn out basketball sits on the floor, waiting to be used again. Photo credit: Brett McDowell

By Brett McDowell ‘24

Basketball-minded CVHS students look forward to the start of the rec basketball season every year. The season starts in December and ends in February. Games are played on Saturday mornings at Fritz Elementary. The league gives high schoolers who might not have the talent to make the school team a chance to play organized basketball over the winter. 

Unfortunately, in the 2020-21 school year, rec basketball wasn’t played due to Covid-19. However, it has been resumed since the 2021-22 school year. 

According to sophomore Tre Forney, “Rec basketball is everything I thought it would be and more. The fans make it so exciting.” The players always look forward to the games on Saturday mornings, but especially the playoffs.

Sophomore Brandon Hursh said, “Playoff games get intense. When everybody is there it makes the games more enjoyable and adds more competition.”

The winning team of the league gets trophies, but most importantly, bragging rights.

Volunteer coaches enjoy the experience as well. Coach Mike Forney stated, “I think it went well and I enjoyed working with kids from all grade levels.”  He added that he has enjoyed coaching his son Tre throughout all the sports he has played.

When asked what is something he took away from coaching, Forney stated, “That I have to treat and interact with kids of different ages/grades in different ways.” Not all players are the same which adds more difficulty for coaches to try to reach all players to play for the same goal – to win a championship.

Rec basketball is far more than just a fun Saturday activity. It provides opportunity for some players who may not have the talent to play on the school team. It also teaches players teamwork and makes people have a bond with other teammates.

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